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September 2007


by lukeslytalker
VBS.TV recently did a story on Scopolamine, a substance commonly referred to as "Devils Breath" in Colombia, where it is a common street drug.

Acid Trip

by fastclemmy
Drawing under acid.

July 2007

Features : Radar Online : Can't Bust This

by lukeslytalker
Like drugs? An ex-narcotics agent reveals the secrets to staying one step ahead of the law

May 2007

Chemists Shop

by sver
My favorite Chemists/Pharmacy shop.


by pokabudki
The NHS in England could save more than £300m a year by being more efficient when prescribing drugs, the government spending watchdog says.

'Strawberry Quick' meth latest worry

by lukeslytalker
'Strawberry Quick' meth latest worry

April 2007

Cocaine Dealing Priest Jailed in Italy

by herbtarlick
Father Stefano Ciacca, 44, was arrested for possession of 500 grams of cocaine with a street value of about $US675,000 dollars.

Why Kids Do Drugs at FraudWasteAbuse

by batiste (via)
Why people takes drugs ? Because it's fun !

March 2007

Goa connection: Rave parties in the drug web - A pune rave party aftereffect

by GoaBlog
The arrest of almost 300 young boys and girls at a Pune rave party has brought into sharp focus the double standards used by the law. Many say the young people at Pune were soft targets. The real menace is a growing web of drug dealers who come from across our borders but have now set up a network across the country.

Cthulhu is a hashish junkie!

by Elvezio
Finally the proofs that the elder, lovecraftian deity Cthulhu is only a worthless junkie lost in drugs and alcohol. Look at the photos and laugh or cry! IT>ENG by google

Resource for parents of drug abusers

by crystalsmells
good resource for parents with kids who use drugs.

Is My Kid Smoking Pot?

by crystalsmells
Website about signs that teenagers may be smoking pot. Including what to look for as a parent in their room, in their behavior, or in terms of paraphernalia. Good resource to keep parents current.

February 2007

January 2007

Drug Policy Alliance

by Mal Burns (via)
Alternatives to Marijuana Prohibition and the Drug War in America, plus world coverage

December 2006

November 2006

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