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August 2006

Half-dozen abortion clinics shut down

by jasontromm
Half a dozen abortion clinics in Florida and Alabama have had their doors locked after state health boards became concerned by alleged rule and drug violations, including claims of an illegal late-term procedure in Florida.

July 2006

June 2006

April 2006

ACLU fails to oust Minutemen

by jasontromm
The American Civil Liberties Union failed an attempt to remove volunteers with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps from Arizona state land. Pat King, according to the Daily Star, called the ACLU members misguided, out-of-town youngsters who don't understand what people and drug smugglers have done to her land and the valley.

February 2006

Australia Drug Companies Not Interested in Importing RU 486 Abortion Pills

by jasontromm
The Australia parliament voted to pave the way for legalizing the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug, but no drug company in Australia is apparently interested in importing the pills for sale. The companies also said it wouldn't make good business sense to try to sell the drugs and engender the opposition of pro-life groups. That could erode support for other products.

Drug combination prevents HIV infection in monkeys |

by zboog
An injection of two drugs normally used to treat HIV patients completely protected monkeys from becoming infected with the AIDS virus, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

January 2006

A Blueprint for Health-care Freedom

by jasontromm
The White House has been dropping hints that the president will make health-care reform the centerpiece of his State of the Union address. The Bush administration's health care record is, to put it delicately, inconsistent. It has supported efforts to remove government influence over the health care sector, such as health savings accounts (HSAs). On the other hand, the president signed into law the largest expansion of federal power over health care in generations the ill-fated Medicare drug program.

Media Portray Drug Plan as Boondoggle

by jasontromm (via)
But reporters still ignore free market advocates who predicted it. Media coverage of problems facing the new Medicare prescription drug plan focused on elderly patients left in the lurch by bureaucracy, producing what CBS’s Bill Plante called a “political headache” for the Bush administration. But in the Jan. 16 reports on the “Evening News” and “World News Tonight,” both networks ignored conservative critics who had argued the plan was doomed to fail because it was a typical big government solution that ignored the free market.

December 2005

Problem for Doctors

by jasontromm (via)
Fatter derrieres are causing many drug injections to miss their mark, requiring longer needles to reach buttock muscle, researchers said on Monday.

September 2005

August 2005

Rush Limbaugh Wins Another Court Ruling

by jasontromm
Rush Limbaugh's attorneys have won a last-minute court ruling that could imperil the investigation into his prescription drug use.

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