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April 2006 > Projects > DriverPacks > Intro

by fakechris & 4 others
This site gives you a way to get virtually ALL drivers for EVERYTHING internal > Projects > DriverPacks > Intro

by ruadrift & 4 others
Each of these DriverPacks support the widest variety of controllers in their category: even brands of whom you've never heard are included! At the moment there is support for hundreds of devices (Chipset, Graphics (A and B), LAN, MassStorage, Sound (A and B) and WLAN).

March 2006

Atmel AT76C5XXx Wireless LAN Driver : News

by xenomorph
Home of the OpenSource Linux Driver for Atmel AT76C5XXx-based Wireless Devices

The ACX100/ACX111 wireless network driver project (Linux, BSD)

by xenomorph
Due to poor support for Open Source operating systems of Texas Instruments' ACX100/ACX111 wireless network chips, we decided to group together to build an Open Source driver for Linux and similar systems.

HRI - Hardware Recycling Initiative

by xenomorph
Hardware Recycling Initiative (HRI) is an open source project with goal to port Linux (or its microcontroller clone - uClinux) into publicly available residential router hardware.

February 2006 Fix Your Driver Problems Instantly with Driver Agent

by cascamorto
Fix Your Driver Problems Instantly Stop the searching and scan your Computer for instant driver updates with DriverAgent Our Scan Technology is 100% Guaranteed Adware Free, Spyware Free, and Virus Free.

Drivers Headquarters - Software Drivers and Hardware Drivers

by franchan & 2 others
Si tienes problemas con un controlador (o driver) en concreto, te falta y no sabes encontrarlos, ahora en el cuartel general de drivers te ayudar√°n a localizar, descargar e instalar ese controlador que impide que un dispositivo de nuestro equipo funcione correctamente.

January 2006