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InputDraw - Suberb Flash Drawing Component

by diaz & 15 others (via)
Is integrated directly with your forms so you can use it in any site.. really. It's free and very easy to use. Take a look at the demo

<InputDraw/> - Ultimate flash drawing widget. Free, easy and fun.

by tiago.cardoso & 15 others (via)
InputDraw is a cross-browser, fast, simple to integrate widget to use in your forms as a drawing tool and everywhere else as a viewer. It uses SVG as a describing language of drawing. Being a standard, SVG can afterwards be use be a large number of applications, widgets and libraries. In order to use this widget, you don�t need to be a programmer or even know any web programming language like PHP, Ruby, Python, .net, Java, Smalltalk, etc.. Actually, you only need to know some html, what a form is and our JavaScript command to make it work. InputDraw uses flash technology so almost everyone can use it. Remember that there are more installations of flash than windows.

Scribble - Nitrome

by fastclemmy & 1 other
A lemmings-like game where you have to draw lines to help your dummies to avoid trouble.

Line Rider beta by ~fsk

by fastclemmy & 9 others
Entertaining Flash experiment: draw a line and play!

** humus **

by oqdbpo & 4 others
Humus is a territory where images, creativity, thoughts and expressions have no border line or demarcation line. Feel free to contribute with: -Graphic design -Motion design -Photography -Drawings -Illustrations -Poems

by snicker01 & 4 others
show off your skills on the enormous circle of potential art known as drawball.

Comics @ Mai`Nada.Net - Sketch your imagination

by tiago.cardoso
Comics @ Mainada is probably the first web application in the world to allow users to draw complete comic strips directly online.

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