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17 January 2006

ETH Oberon home page - modern integrated software environment.

by macroron
Computer Systems Institute at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. a single-user, multi-tasking system that runs on bare hardware or on top of a host operating system. Oberon - a programming language in the Pascal/Modula tradition.

Publications ~Niklaus Wirth

by macroron
Programming in Oberon (2004) - A derivative of Programming in Modula-2 (1982) [PDF (334 KB)] Algorithms and Data Structures (1985) (Oberon version: August 2004) [PDF (1'241 KB)]

16 January 2006

07 January 2006

BlackDog - offers open source developers an exciting new platform for mobilizing software applications. BlackDog represents a new breed of device that redefines what a ‘computer’ is. It can be programmed to carry your applications, data, web sites, de

by macroron
Develop applications and deploy them on BlackDog then launch and automatically project them onto a Windows XP host. Configure your BlackDog using our SDK, and the applications and interface will appear the same on many flavors of Linux. Design an interfac


by macroron
a free service to Open Source developers that are working on projects related to Project BlackDog. In order to get the most out of the Dogpound

29 December 2005

26 December 2005

Google Widget Directory - Google Module Directory (Unofficial) - Learn how to install a Google Homepage Module that is inline.

by macroron
a directory of Google Homepage Modules. We prefer the name widget as you can probably tell. In the future we plan to expand the directory to be able to handle other plugins from other sites, which is why we use the name widget.

20 December 2005

DojoToolkit Home - Open Source JavaScript toolkit. Clientside Javascript To Download

by macroron & 67 others
ajax web2.0 + a comprehensive set of libraries for JavaScript, from which you can mix-and-match to suit the needs of your application. JavaScript functions and utilities that can be used independently of each other. The package system binds them together

09 December 2005

08 December 2005

01 December 2005

28 November 2005

Openomy, OmniDrive and AllMyData - Online Storage Just Got Interesting!

by macroron
Mashable Blog: Internet Entrepreneur ~Pete Cashmore on Web 2.0. I'm an entrepreneur, internet consultant and blogger. I'm currently working on projects involving open APIs and Web 2.0, including a startup called Noodly, which launches in early 2006. I'm a

26 November 2005

Teach Yourself Perl 5 in 21 days - Table of Contents - .ru

by macroron
designed to teach you the Perl programming language in just 21 days. When you finish reading this book, you will have learned why Perl is growing rapidly in popularity: It is powerful enough to perform many useful, sophisticated programming tasks, yet it

25 November 2005

Clean Home

by macroron
Read all about our state-of-the-art pure and lazy functional programming language Clean, our Clean System with its fast compiler, the worlds one-and-only programming environment entirely written in a pure functional language.

22 November 2005

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