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TheCricLinks: Le jeu Doom 1 en Flash ( conversion C vers Flash) via Adobe Alchemy

by TheCric (via)
Le jeu Doom 1 (1993) vient d'être porté en Flash ( conversion C++ vers Flash) via Adobe Alchemy Il donc donc jouable directement à partir du navigateur équipé du flash player 10 cela ne fonctionne pour le moment pas sur macintosh


Radio Metal

by guix69
Site communautaire d'une webradio orientée "Metal" qui commencera à émettre le 1er avril 2007. Vous pouvez déjà vous inscrire et participer au forum !

A Snapshot of Impending Doom

by GorillaSushi
Like front row swells at a Blue Man Group Show, hoops fans near the floor know that with intimacy comes the possibility of danger...


Canvascape - 3D walker

by nhoizey
What you are seeing is a test using the new Canvas tag to demonstrate its capabilities. I am beginning a project to port 'Doom' to the common browser through javasScript. | 01/08/2006 | The devil in the deep blue sea

by multilinko (via)
It's the fabled Gulf Stream. Traveled by whalers and sailors for centuries but never accurately charted until it aroused the curiosity of none other than Benjamin Franklin, the current has emerged in the last decade as a focal point for scientists studying global climate change. The concerns about the state of the ocean today run so deep that an unprecedented international effort is underway from the Straits of Florida to Greenland to track changes in the North Atlantic. And the Gulf Stream is a narrow but critical piece of the larger system: It moves warm surface water from the tropics toward the North Pole and pumps cold water back toward the equator in a deep-sea current -- a mechanism scientists have come to call the North Atlantic ``conveyor belt.'' Scientists believe if the Gulf Stream were to slow or take a more southerly route, the change could disrupt the system and the world's weather. Over time -- how much time is a key uncertainty in the theory -- the North Atlantic could cool, turning Europe and eastern North America colder as the rest of the world heated up.


Doom on Maemo

by sunny
Doom porté sur mon futur nokia 770 :P~~

New Scientist Breaking News - Failing ocean current raises fears of mini ice age

by multilinko
The ocean current that gives western Europe its relatively balmy climate is stuttering, raising fears that it might fail entirely and plunge the continent into a mini ice age. The dramatic finding comes from a study of ocean circulation in the North Atlantic, which found a 30% reduction in the warm currents that carry water north from the Gulf Stream. The slow-down, which has long been predicted as a possible consequence of global warming, will give renewed urgency to intergovernmental talks in Montreal, Canada, this week on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol.

Doomed again from Guardian Unlimited: Gamesblog

by bcpbcp
Doom RPG looks rough - humorously limited even. But it’s a careful, respectful mobile interepretation that actually addresses key issues with mobile gaming and makes the very best of a very limited platform. If only other developers treated their source material so logically, this industry might actually start making the impact it has been promising for five long years.

Nokia 770 running Doom

by michelv
for all your portable fragging needs


by Country & 14 others
L'actualité des simulateurs de meurtres : les jeux vidéo en vue à la première personne (FPS) News | After the oil is gone

by multilinko
Say goodbye to your suburban house, yoke up that horse, and stand by to repel pirates! Author James Howard Kunstler talks about the dire world of his new book, "The Long Emergency."

Doom III Top 100 - Mod Database

by asiamoth (via)

Doom 3 Performance - V0.2 - OnlyNewZ

by asiamoth

PCゲームレビュー「DOOM 3」

by asiamoth
マルチプレイ時のレビュー (via:

DOOM 3 - 32 Player Multiplayer Mod

by asiamoth
簡単に最高32人までの対戦が可能なサーバーが起動可能 (via:

PlanetDOOM - A Member of the GameSpy Network

by asiamoth
Doomの情報がたくさん。Mapもある。 (Via: 2004/11/12 21:48:53 / Ideazonのゲーム特化型キーボード「Zboard」が日本上陸

by asiamoth
「同じFPSだしキーバインドを変更すればまったく同じものになるんじゃないのかとデモンストレーションスタッフに聞いてみた」のがすごい (via:

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