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by blogsir
1. They are short 很短 2. They are easy to remember 容易被记住 3. They are easy to spell 容易拼写 4. They have a .com extension 采用.com 后缀 5. They are descriptive 描述性 6. Or brandable 容易使人联想 7. They don’t contain hyphens or numbers 不包含连字符和数字


by blogsir
Feedsky 正在针对域名绑定方式采用A记录和CNAME的绑定方式,征求大家意见。 “A记录”绑定的优点是:几乎所有的域名服务商都能完美支持。缺点是:一旦Feedsky的IP地址更换,所有域名绑定的用户必须修改自己的A记录设置才能继续使用。 CNAME的方式的优点是:Feedsky主机IP地址更换后,用户无需进行任何操作。缺点是部分域名解析服务商不支持CNAME,甚至有些服务后台有CNAME设置项,但设置后不能生效。这也是当初Feedsky选择A记录的原因所在。

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Home Based Business Opportunities / Job Opportunities

by springnet
all these methods allegedly generate lotso dosho, and every single one is legal at least somewhere.

Ecommerce Web Hosting

by helloashok
This is a one of the frequently asked question of an amateur webmaster. You will need a web server to host your web site on the internet. Buying and maintaining a web server cost so much money and it requires someone who knows what they are doing to maintain the server and the web-site.

May 2007

Ajaxwhois 2.0

by maxxyme & 25 others
Fast domain name search and whois

April 2007

ThaiZone : Thailand Web Hosting and Domain Registration

by net1
ThaiZone is a one-stop internet solutions company offering domain registration, web hosting, web promotion. Based in Thailand.

by akif (via)
isim tescil domain name kayıt

Meet GDI, earn monet at home.

by sendekazan
Own your own business from the comfort of your home. - Training and support - No inventory! - Simple duplicaple system! - No risk system! -Be your own boss! - Become financially independent! Have your own web site and job.