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July 2006

Dolphin Smalltalk Companion

by hernan
This site is dedicated to the book that I wrote on Dolphin Smalltalk. When you write a book for publication, you become part of a production process, which means that you have to draw the line at some point, otherwise the book can never be published. As I come across more and more functionality that I would have liked to have included in the book, I decided to extend the book on these pages.

ReStore for Dolphin

by hernan
ReStore for Dolphin is a highly transparent framework which allows the Dolphin Smalltalk XP programmer to make use of relational database storage, without the need for specialist relational database knowledge. ReStore generates and maintains the database schema, and handles all interaction with the database, leaving you free to concentrate on Dolphin application development.

Smalltalk Web Application Zoo

by hernan
The goal of the Swazoo (Smalltalk Web Application Zoo) project is to provide an Open Source, vendor agnostic, dialect neutral web application framework for Smalltalk

Dolphin Smalltalk Resources

by hernan & 1 other
Here is a list of sites where you can find chunk of code for Dolphin Smalltalk.


by hernan (via)
Object Database Management System for Visual Smalltalk 3.1, Dolphin Smalltalk, VisualAge Smalltalk, VisualWorks Smalltalk, Squeak. MinneStore is a free, object-oriented database that is written entirely in Smalltalk and provides storage and retrieval of complex Smalltalk objects. It is designed to eventually support simultaneous updating by multiple clients, but this feature is not ready yet.

November 2005

Object Arts | Dolphin Community Edition

by emptist
Dolphin Community Edition is our Smalltalk development environment that is totally free for non-commercial use. You'll find that it is a complete tool for either learning Smalltalk programming or for creating your own personal Windows-based applications.

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