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Mozilla Handle/DOI Protocol Handler :: Firefox Add-ons

by parmentierf
The Handle/DOI Protocol Handler allows Firefox to resolve CNRI Handle (hdl) and Digital Object Identifier (doi) URIs...

TIB Hannover: DOI Registration Agency

by parmentierf
In 2005, the TIB became a non-commercial DOI registration agency for research data sets from the fields of technology/science and medicine. Additionally, the TIB also facilitates the registration of any kind of scientific contents resulting from publicly funded research in Europe.




The Digital Object Identifier System

by parmentierf & 2 others
The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a system for identifying content objects in the digital environment. DOIs are names assigned to any entity for use on digital networks. They are used to provide current information, including where they (or information about them) can be found on the Internet. Information about a digital object may change over time, including where to find it, but its DOI will not change. : : free DOI guest search

by parmentierf (via)
If you have bibliographic data for a journal article and would like to find the DOI, please use the form below. The form is a guest query interface to the CrossRef system for individual DOI retrieval. This interface is not intended for automated querying. If you would like to query CrossRef on an automated batch basis, please obtain an account on oursystem. You must supply either author or first page and we recommend using journal title instead of ISSN. For a list of journal titles in the CrossRef holdings please visit our browsable journal list.

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