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cat vs dog

by denmx
cat vs dog funny pics


A pet's website that actually looks kind of cool

by joshnok
interesting business model, clean design, fancy ajax, fun interaction, web services, no annoying ads, digg-like features, contests, free give-aways, trainer advice, pet profiles, maps,... seems cool to have some silly fun with your pet..


Grooming Pet - Learn How To Groom Your Pet

by Lissemiller (via)
Anyone interested in a self-paced, but highly credible learning experience about pet grooming can attend grooming seminars that are sometimes hosted by pet lovers. Dog grooming seminars are usually advertised in dog grooming papers; these seminars are designed to help you get a feel for dog grooming. You might want to check online for grooming prices before you just pick one place to go to that is nearby.

Pet Rewards Visa - Pet Owners Credit Card

by danieltay
Apply online for a free Pet Rewards Visa at It just takes a minute to complete and submit your Pet Owners Credit Card application.

Help Your Pet

by noswadt
Help for pets has dog and cat descriptions, reviews pet products and provides articles on cats and dogs.

What is this cat barking at?

by kramkoob
Does this cat really think it’s a guard dog?

CatDogBlog » Blog Archive » Adjusting your bedroom interior design to pets

by kramkoob
There is nothing healthier for the soul than sharing our homes with our pets. I recently watched an episode of Martha Stewart and she, too, has a herd of dogs living in her home. She even keeps a bowl of water by the kitchen door where the dogs enter and she washes their feet in it. Then she dries their feet and lets them loose in the house.

by alebartleby
A funny site where you can create for free a minisite 4 your pet. Let`s try it!


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