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August 2008

Buying an HDTV: What You Need to Know - Articles / Reviews | TheTechLounge

by TTLKurtis
If you're in the market for an HDTV, this guide is a must-read. Tech jargon demystified, features explained, inputs/outputs to keep an eye out for, viewing recommendations, and helpful shopping tips.

March 2007

December 2006

LCD TV's Soar, Plasma Plummets..Any Surprise?

by ehdmi
No huge surprise here....LCD TV's soared in 2006 and Plasma TV's are in the tank. See the 2006 numbers.

September 2006 Announces Drop in Price on their 5x1 HDMI Switch

by ehdmi & 1 other, one of the internet's fastest growing HDTV destininations, is pleased to announce even further savings on their fast selling, 5X1 Enhanced HDMI Switch with built-in Equalizer (REV.2.0). The previous selling price was $132.73, and now can be purchased for the low price of $122.73.

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