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Créer un blog avec Django 1.2 - Gilles Fabio

by ghis & 1 other
Tutoriel sur la création basique d'un blog avec Django 1.2.

About RESTful features of modern Web frameworks - Akei, the blog

by ghis (via)
"Frameworks like Symfony or rails (and probably many others) provide a very convenient feature named RESTful routing, aka HTTP-aware urls and controllers, generally associated with an object/url mapping mechanism to expose Model entites and several available actions on them over HTTP."



by greut & 2 others

A world-class geographic web framework

Django using adapted to a GIS backend (like PostGIS)


YouTube - DjangoCon 2008 Keynote: Cal Henderson

by nhoizey
Cal Henderson, fondateur de Flickr, présente ses techniques d'optimisation de plateforme

The Django Book

by cascamorto & 7 others
Welcome to the online version of The Django Book, a free book about Django.


Lift Web Framework witj scala

by pvergain & 2 others
Welcome to the lift Web Framework lift is yet another web development framework. lift runs inside a Java web container and uses the Scala programming language for coding. lift stresses security, developer productivity, ease of deployment, ease of maintainability, performance, and compatibility with existing systems. lift borrows from the best of existing frameworks including Seaside's highly granular sessions and security, Rails fast flash-to-bang, Django's "more than just CRUD is included", and Erlyweb's scalability for Comet-style applications. lift is built on Scala, a hybrid Functional and O-O language that compiles code down to the Java Virtual Machine. Scala code can call any Java code and make use of all Java classes. Java code can call some Scala code. lift applications are packaged as WAR files and can be deployed on any Servlet 2.4 engine (e.g., Tomcat 5.5.xx, Jetty 6.0, etc.)

Django snippets: Welcome

by greut & 4 others
A site for users of the Django web framework to come together and share useful "snippets" of reusable code.

Django cheat sheet (Mercurytide)

by greut
We’ve created a one-page Django cheat sheet

Les Journées Perl 2006 - django.models, l'ORM de Django

by pvergain
Dans le cadre de la série de présentations sur les bibiliothèques de mapping objet-relationel (ORM), je présenterais l'ORM intégré à Django, un framework web en Python. L'approche sera de montrer la philosophie des concepteurs de l'API de cet ORM et comment ils ont utilisé les spécificités du langage Python (introspection...).

the blixtra blog » Blog Archive » Top 30 Django Tutorials and Articles

by pvergain & 6 others
Top 30 Django Tutorials and Articles As a response to the Top 30 Ruby on Rails Tutorials, I’ve compiled a list of the top 30 Django tutorials and articles. These links are in addition to the great documentation on the Django project site. For those who don’t know, Django is a Python web development framework that makes development super fast.

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