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September 2009

The FADER | Magazine Website | Music News, Mp3's, Podcast for each issue

by garret & 1 other
"The FADER, or FADER, is an United States-based music/culture/fashion magazine that covers hip-hop, reggae, independent rock, pop and dance music from around the world. Founded by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen in 1998, The FADER is a freestanding, independent New York City-based magazine." Wikipedia

December 2008

RCRD LBL | Free MP3 Downloads

by garret & 5 others
"RCRD LBL is a network of ad supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists."

November 2008

Beatportal |'s electronic music blog

by garret
Beatportal aims to be the world’s best electronic music blog and resource. The blog offers up-to-the-minute news about electronic music, informed music recommendations, remix competitions with top artists and labels, and live blogging coverage from the most important artist tours and industry events. Beatportal’s Beatwiki – an index of 72,000+ artists and 8000+ record labels – is the biggest publicly editable database for electronic music available online. Beatportal is powered by the recognized leader in electronic music downloads,

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