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02 November 2010 22:45

Dallas Temperature Control Library -

by JJL (via)
The DS18B20 is a very small thermometer which can be easily hooked into the Arduino MCU through any digital input! It requires very little in the way of additional support, a couple of resistors and some hookup cables and you're set to go. For more information on the DS18B20 check out [Maxim-IC].

OneWire Arduino Library, connecting 1-wire devices (DS18S20, etc) to Teensy

by JJL (via)
OneWire Library OneWire lets you access 1-wire devices made by Maxim/Dallas, such as temperature sensors and ibutton secure memory. For temperature sensors, the DallasTemperature library can be used in conjunction with this library.

Arduino Digital Temperature Sensor Tutorial

by JJL (via)
Your Arduino can tell you. With an Arduino board and a DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, you can easily build a digital thermometer, a thermostat to turn devices on/off at certain temperatures, a safety device to power off when something gets too hot, etc.

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