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đź›  TOOL - BACKUP - AOMEI Backupper Standard - Comment faire pour changer de disque dur

by decembre
En moins d’une heure, montre en main, voici comment retrouver un ordinateur pleinement opérationnel, sans devoir réinstaller Windows ni vos logiciels. Pour cette opération, j’ai opté pour l’utilitaire AOMEI Backupper Standard, un logiciel gratuit complet, capable de dupliquer tout le disque dur ou juste les partitions de votre choix (Windows, Linux…) et compatible avec les volumes dynamiques.





by nachilau
An open source disk cloning program


Free ISO Creator: create iso image file from your files and folders |

by simon_bricolo
Create ISO-format disk images quickly and easily with Free ISO Creator.

How To Measure Linux Filesystem I/O Performance With iozone

by camel
User contributed tutorial written by Ramesh Natarajan. Following are few situations where you may be interested in performing a filesystem benchmarking. => Deploying a new application that is very read and write intensive. => Purchased a new storage system and would like to measure the performance. => Changing the RAID level and would like to measure the performance of the new RAID. => Changing the storage parameters and would like to know the performance impact of this change

Disk Doctors Undelete -

by hiphop
Recover deleted files on IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives, SD Cards, Memory Sticks, external Zip drives and USB hard drives.

Using ATA Over Ethernet On Debian Etch | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by camel & 2 others (via)
Imagine you have a machine with all of its disk full and another with unused gigabytes, and you don't want to move the data from one to the other. Why not using the second's disk on the first, you can do it with iSCSI but you can do it with ATA over Ethernet (AoE) too. It's the second method I'll explain in this article. All of this was made with two computers running Debian Etch.

JungleDisk - Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3 ™ - Jungle Disk

by wabaus & 15 others
Jungle Disk is an application that lets you store files and backup data securely to's S3 ™ Storage Service.

Create Disk Usage Reports with durep -- Ubuntu Geek

by camel
urep is a perl script used for disk usage reports. It can generate text output with bar graphs to allow easy comparisons of disk usage between directories. It can also generate web pages which can be navigated through the directory structure. This allows easy visual monitoring of disk usage. durep was designed for monitoring disk usage in a more visual way than du. The du program works fine but doesn’t allow a lot of control over how the results are displayed. This perl script is designed to produce output more useful for reports.


Ultimate Boot CD - Overview

by springnet & 1 other
Consolidate as many diagnostic tools as possible into one bootable CD. Wouldn't you like to avoid digging into the dusty box to look for the right floppy disk, but simply run them all from a single CD? Then the Ultimate Boot CD is for you!

Videoguys - Focus FS-4 on sale $699.95

by springnet
Weighing about one pound and only 1.5 inches thick, the FS-4 Portable DTE Recorder brings Direct To Edit® Technology to your DV or HDV handheld camcorder is what Cali Lewis uses.

❤️ 🛠 Utilisation de TestDisk en détails

by decembre
un pas à pas détaillé manque un peu, certaines manips n'étant pas vraiment intuitives. Aussi, pour compléter mes sujets sur les partitions disparues, le MBR et les secteurs de boot, il m’a semblé intéressant de détailler l’utilisation de ce lo

❤️ 🛠 TESTDISK - Category : Data Recovery - CGSecurity

by decembre
150 articles in this category..... Serie de liens sur la Récupération de Données , logiciels, technique, sythem d'exploitations et d'aides....etc.... Une mine d'or!

Drive Snapshot - Disk Image Backup for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/X64

by springnet
Create Disk Image Backups, While Running Windows The Backup process will back up all your data into a single file, containing all data, including system data and registry, for total security, should your computer ever crash. There is no restart (to DOS)

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