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16 July 2006

15 July 2006

12 July 2006 - 'journalisms' - Collective Action

by jlesage
response to provactive essay "Ditial Maoism," protesting editorial control in Wikipedia, among other things

11 July 2006

10 July 2006

Terry Mockler's Journey Through Cyberspace

by jlesage
newmedia maker and writer has several interesting blog sites; goal is to develop "readership by utilizing writing to probe cyberspace for post-literate identities."

Esoteric Rabbit Blog

by jlesage
Australian and writer; search via categories on left side

Surftrail: Anders Fagerjord's Blog

by jlesage
attractively designed blog tracing the thinkers the author found useful in areas of internet and blog theory, as well as other conceptual pursuits, categorized on the left side of the page

course directory : Media and Film : University of Sussex

by jlesage
a large list of media courses taught at Sussex, can be traced out to see syllabi and bibliography; not a lot of links to online readings

09 July 2006


by jlesage
videoblog for quicktime movies, searchable by categories, including experimental and conceptual

cinematicfilm experimental film video art

by jlesage & 1 other
database of experimental film available on web, over 1000 films

07 July 2006

Mark Tribe: The Internet as a Space for Art Making

by jlesage
course at Columbia University, spring 2004. many good Internet resources and links.


by jlesage
Sunka Simon's course on Cyberculture at Swarthmore, spring 2005. Excellent resources, links. Attractive graphic design.

06 July 2006

World Changing

by jlesage
Internet and culture; particularly informative interviews

Future Feeder

by jlesage
fine arts, visual software, applications

03 July 2006

ScreenSite: media education, film terminology, syllabi, news articles, film schools

by jlesage & 1 other
upgrade July 06; essential site for film and media syllabi, annotated journal roundups, and inventory of college media programs; new category for posting articles

01 July 2006

Susan Mernit's Blog

by jlesage
links to many Internet articles on social media today

30 June 2006

Warren Sacks Digital Culture Course

by jlesage
especially interesting are teacher's powerpoint lectures

27 June 2006

26 June 2006

by jlesage
a new kind of hypertextual journal, a little confusing to use but interesting