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Globetechnology: Copyright issues spook photo labs

by multilinko
When Morgan's mother and a client recently took CDs with some of his shots to a printing lab, the photo technicians spurned them. They said that since the shots seemed to have been taken by a professional, printing the pictures might be a copyright violation.

Globetechnology: Kiosk, Internet or DIY?

by multilinko
When cameras used only film, consumers didn't have much of a choice about where to get their photos printed, unless they had a darkroom at home. Now, with 80 per cent of cameras sold this year projected to be digital models, consumers have more options than ever about where, or even if, to print their snapshots. One result is an all-out war among retailers, printer manufacturers and on-line companies like Snapfish for a piece of the $8.2-billion (U.S.) pie that the Photo Marketing Association International said consumers spent on printing photos last year

Hong Kong Digital Vision

by hkdigit & 1 other
Looking Around Hong Kong by Digital Camera

May 2005

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

by sierraluna (via)
"The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections (UWDC) was created in the summer of 2001. The Council of Wisconsin libraries and UW System's Office of Learning & Information Technology established the UWDC to provide quality digital resources from its academic libraries to UW faculty, staff and students, citizens of the state, and scholars at large."

April 2005

Jake Rowell

by nhoizey (via)

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