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Gilles G. Vidal - Artiste vidéo-plasticien, réalisateur, musicien, directeur artistique, VJay.

by rikuniaku97
Gilles G. Vidal né à Paris en 1969, d’une mère Franco-Chinoise née à Hanoi et d’un père Franco-Germano-Hispanique, il se consacre à sa vie professionnelle et artistique dès l'âge de 15 ans. Gilles vit et travaille à Montreuil (93) depuis 20 ans. Gilles G. Vidal, was born in Paris in 1969 of Eurasian descent, from a Chinese-French mother born in Hanoi, Vietnam and a Franco-Hispano-German father. He has devoted himself to his professional & artistic career since the age of 16. He has lived and worked in Montreuil near Paris for the last 20 years. He is a visual artist, a videographer, musician, art director and VJ.

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December 2009

GTI Project : Volkswagen UK

by HK & 2 others
jeux The GTI Project celebrates the car and its history. Delivering an amazing race experience on the secret GTI interactive Scalectrix test track.

Vimeo Staff Picks

by HK
We are the Staff. These are the videos we like the bestest. Check em out!

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dooid - who are you?

by ycc2106
DooID is your Web 2.0 business card with e-mail signature. Get your own design, evaluate your networks (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.), interests

August 2009

SMSI: Déclaration de principes

by ycc2106
Construire la société de l'information: un défi mondial pour le nouveau millénaire

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December 2008

ArtRage Démonstration

by fotopol (via)
clipde démonstration de quelques fonctions d'ArtRage

November 2008

Technology Review: Giant Camera Tracks Asteroids

by brianwaustin
The first of four new asteroid-tracking telescopes will come online next month in Hawaii, promising to quickly scan large swaths of the sky--thanks to the world's largest digital camera.

PACTE Multimedia - Présentation du Pacte Multimédia

by fotopol
présentation du pacte multimedia, accès à de nombreuses ressources,blogs,jeux,recherche,digital, un guide pour survivre dans la jungle numérique

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