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November 2006

Center for History and New Media

by jlesage & 1 other
extensive site, with resources about historical moments and syllabi, tools for Internet research, and projects undertaken by the Center

Internet history

by jlesage & 1 other
on other pages, find history of other important Internet developments, such as Google and PayPal

Media College - Video, Audio and Multimedia Resources

by jlesage
reference material for all electronic media-- video & television production, audio work, still imagery & graphics, website design; excellent quick guides and tutorials, on things like video streaming

October 2006

STORYTRON - Interactive Storytelling

by jlesage
Software for something between a game and literary hypertext. "Storytronics uses Verbs to define what may happen in interactive storytelling. Each Verb represents one possible dramatic action, like a kiss, a demand, or an advice." Looks like fun.

Digital Story Examples

by jlesage
a page leading to many examples, things you could make with imovie; from more than decade of practice from 1990-2003

August 2006

Hitwise Intelligence

by jlesage
company measuring Internet behavior internationally


by jlesage & 5 others
PC software that lets you surf anonymously. High school students can hide they are on MySpace at school; workers can browse the Internet for personal use; and folks in China can hide their tracks.

July 2006

Kevin Kelly -- Home

by jlesage & 1 other
interesting blogger with a wide variety of categories covered in site

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