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August 2007

Mastering Black and White Digital Photography

by flakki & 2 others
I used to be a traditional darkroom evangelist. Nothing will ever compare to a hand printed fibre based print. But then one day, I figured I should but my beliefs to the test.

July 2007

Desaturated Fashion Photography

by flakki
I love desaturated photographs. After looking at a lot of stock photography lately, I forgot how much I loved it.

November 2006

Mojiti-video commentary software

by jlesage & 11 others
useful for teachers making clips to analyze in class; "personalize any video with your story. With visual spotlights, you can narrate your personal videos, add captions or subtitles, or comment on any scene."

DIGITALSOULS.COM - new media art | philosophy | culture

by jlesage
"one of the longest continuously running online galleries and e-zines dedicated to new media art, digital culture and philosophy; contributions by international artists and writers including Brian Eno, Yoko Ono, John Berger, Sean Cubitt, Susan Sontag..."

Low Probability of Racoons - Hypertext and Flash animated poems

by jlesage
uses the duration of video to make kinetic poetry that has a narrative in the words and beyond them; nice example for students of simple form with complex effects

Free, Comprehensive Audio and Video Course

by jlesage
Television Production--A Free, Interactive Course in Studio and Field Production by Ron Whittaker, from cybercollege


by jlesage & 28 others
"independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts"; lots on experimental film

October 2006

ZoneZero from analog to digital photography

by jlesage & 2 others
a large, excellently curated photography site, including slide shows and discussions of key issues in photography and representation in general; highly recommended; under tutelage of Pedro Meyer; take "tour" first

The Photography Channel

by jlesage
collection of audio/slideshows by skilled photographers, often in the context of photojournalism

Digital Story Examples

by jlesage
a page leading to many examples, things you could make with imovie; from more than decade of practice from 1990-2003

September 2006

Coudal Partners

by jlesage
interesting tidbits of news about film and television, especially independent

Medical Animation and Medical Illustration

by jlesage
Beautiful online animation of the Life of a Cell. I want to return to the site to learn what I just saw means.

August 2006

July 2006

Internet Archive

by jlesage & 36 others
"The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public."

Film Literature Index >> Home

by jlesage
the major database for academic film criticism now online

cinematicfilm experimental film video art

by jlesage & 1 other
database of experimental film available on web, over 1000 films

Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory

by jlesage
art and analysis of film sound; interviews with sound designers of feature films

June 2006

May 2006

April 2006

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