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パナソニック、開放F2の24mmズーム機「LUMIX DMC-LX3」

by kuroyagi
"レンズは、新開発の焦点距離24〜60mm(35mm判換算)、F2〜2.8のLeica DC Vario-Summicron(バリオズミクロン)。最短撮影距離は1cm(マクロモード時)。"

The Camera Bag Guide

by cryogenius (via)
Camera bag are essential equipment for photographers as they make their jobs easier, they allow them to have a place where they can arrange their equipment as well as protect them from the elements. Not only are camera bags more stylish today, they also are integrated with the latest designs and materials allowing them to be lightweight and durable. Camera bags are widely available in different colors, sizes, designs, shapes, functions, and materials. If you have photography as a hobby and you own a digital camera, then it could help if you follow some useful tips provided by professional photographers.

Digital Camera Guides

by cryogenius (via)
Here is my selection of articles and guides about Digital Cameras.


Canon Powershot G7 Digital Camera - Review

by cryogenius (via)
This 10 Megapixel digital camera is more than most casual users need but the consummate professional will find the Power Shot G7 great for snapping shots for enlargements and nearly unlimited cropping.

Guide for buying a digital camera

by bee
If you are thinking of buying a digital camera, then you have to read this article about the hidden costs behind digital camera sales.

Welcome to

by zyong1024
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Your Guide To Digital Photography

by DavidDouglas
Your guide to taking excellent digital photographs from buying the camera that fits your needs to advanced topics!

Fujifilm FinePix S5700 Camera

by lolak (via)
Fujifilm has announced its new FinePix S5700 digital camera, a refinement of the FinePix S5600. The new model’s compact and robust but lightweight outer-shell, combined with 7.1Mpix CCD sensor, Fujinon 10x optical zoom lens, ISO 1600 sensitivity, Fujifilm Intelligent Flash system and multiple scene selections. ~ Your Camera-Always Connected ~

by cyberien
Eye-Film Beta is a media card incorporating 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and 512MB of Flash storage. Eye-Film Beta will transfer photos from within your camera to in-home destinations (PC or Mac), or directly to a supported online destination. While photos are transferred to the specified destination, the originals remain on the card. Please note that we still plan to offer devices at 1GB density as we move past Beta.

Product Reviews - ProductCritic

by tlam30
Need an easy way to determine whether a specific Digital Camera, Camcorder, or Cell Phone is worth it? ProductCritic is a free site that gives you one location to find professional reviews of a particular product. The site also calculates a score of all the reviews and summarizes them to come up with the ProductCritic Score for each product.


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