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August 2009

EUdict | European dictionary

by ycc2106
English-Croatian, Croatian-English, Enlish-Japanese (Kanji), Japanese (Kanji)-English, English-Chinese, Chinese-English, German-English, Japanese-English, English-Japanese, English-Polish, Polish-English, French-English, English-Spanish, English-German, Spanish-English, English-Swedish, Swedish-English, English-Indonesian, Indonesian-English, English-French, German-Spanish, Spanish-German, Japanese-French, French-Japanese, English-Italian, French-Croatian, Croatian-French, Spanish-Croatian, Italian-English, Croatian-Spanish, German-Italian, Italian-German, Croatian-Slovenian, Croatian-Czech, Hungarian-Croatian, Croatian-Hungarian, Czech-Croatian, Slovenian-Croatian, Dutch-Croatian, Italian-Croatian, German-Croatian, Croatian-German, English-Latin, Croatian-Dutch, Croatian-Italian, English-Norwegian, Norwegian-English, Latin-Croatian, Latin-English, Croatian-Latin English-Finnish and Finnish-English. Some of the words may be incorrectly translated or mistyped but no one is perfect.

June 2009

Welcome | Wordnik

by ycc2106
* An example sentence—even if we've only found one sentence for a word, we'll show it to you. (And we'll show you where the sentence came from, too! * Related words: not just synonyms and antonyms, but words that are used in the same contexts. (For instance, cheeseburger, milkshake, and doughnut are not synonyms, but they show up in the same kinds of sentences.) * Images tagged by our friends at Flickr: want to know what a "pout" looks like? We'll show you. * Statistics: how rare is "tintinnabulation"? Well, we think you'll see it only about once a year. "Smile"? You might see that word Our goal is to show you as much information as possible many times, every day. * An audio pronunciation—and you can record your own! * Something YOU tell us! Use the "Contribute" links to tell us something—anything—about a word.

Dictionnaire multilingue Papillon Multilingual Dictionary パピヨン多言語電子辞典

by ycc2106
Ce projet a pour but de créer une base lexicale multilingue comprenant entre autres l’allemand, l’anglais, le français, le japonais, le malais, le lao, le thaï, le vietnamien et le chinois. L’accès est gratuit pourvu que l’usage ne soit pas commercial (licence de logiciel libre). Notre projet, initié par des chercheurs en linguistique informatique, se veut utile et ouvert à la collaboration de toutes les personnes ayant un intérêt pour ces langues.

May 2009

FREELANG - Dictionnaire gratuit Iranien-Français et Français-Iranien

by ycc2106
Le dictionnaire Freelang vous permet de parcourir les listes Iranien-Français et Français-Iranien. Vous pouvez rechercher un mot, ajouter vos propres traductions, modifier ou supprimer des entrées existantes, et apprendre du vocabulaire à partir de listes personnelles d'apprentissage. Pour une liste complète des fonctionnalités, cliquez ici ou ouvrez le menu Aide du programme. Annotated link

April 2009


by ycc2106
Dictionnaire avec support audio

March 2009

Spanish to english slang terms

by hiphop
just point the cursor at a word and get instant translation

Redefine the dictionary - wordia

by ycc2106
Think of a word, recored a video defining your word, upload

February 2009

English <-> Thai Dictionary - ดิกชันนารี อังกฤษ-ไทย

by onanong
ดิกชันนารี อังกฤษ-ไทย English to Thai and Thai to English dictionaries and glossaries.

December 2008

November 2008

October 2008

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