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December 2010

xavierlacot/joli.js - GitHub

by Xavier Lacot
joli.js is an Activerecord-like javascript ORM, particularly suited for being used in the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework.

Resources/tools/livetanium at master from krawaller/Titanium-Tools - GitHub

by Xavier Lacot
Made out of titanium, nodejs and unicorns, this library lets you code Titanium Mobile apps and see changes in realtime. It is really astonashing!

July 2010

oauth-adapter - Project Hosting on Google Code

by Xavier Lacot
A pure js library for adding OAuth authentification capacities to Titanium Mobile applications

June 2010

Titanium Mobile TextMate Bundle « Appcelerator Developer Center

by Xavier Lacot
An excellent Titanium mobile Textmate bundle, which enhances the Titanium coding experience within Textmate.

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