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Notable | Better Webpages Through Faster Iterations, Website Screenshot Feedback

by Xavier Lacot & 6 others
Notable lets you take any webpage screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. very useful tool for designers or functionnal project leads.


The Best Design Tools for Improving Your Home - Planning - Lifehacker

by ghis (via)
Wandering around Home Depot until inspiration strikes is a terrible idea. If you've got a loose idea for a redesign, re-arrangement, or physical improvement to your house, apartment, or even a dorm room, we recommend these computer planning tools for the job.

50 High-Quality Free PSD Web Templates » DJDESIGNERLAB – Find All Your Design Inspirations From This Laboratory

by ghis & 1 other (via)
Photoshop is an excellent tool to designing a website. There are no design software as adobe Photoshop in designing a website. Sometimes most reputed designers used to share their creativity to others for free that will become marvelous and a learning source of beginner web designers. Here I I’ve listed 50 High Quality PSD Web Templates to download.


Prezi - The zooming presentation editor

by HK & 19 others
Prezi is zooming sketches on a digital napkin. It's visualization and storytelling without slides. Your ideas live on stage and on the web. Have you ever wondered about presenting your thoughts as free as they come? Ever got tired of creating a slideshow? It's been said, that the best innovations come from people who are unhappy with the tools they use. We realized that our ideas won't fit into slides anymore. Putting together creative thinking and technology expertise, we have created Prezi, a living presentation tool.


by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
fluidIA is an online design tool for prototyping rich user interfaces. Jakub, author of Wireframe magazine (another reading that I would advice) just launched the project.


The Grid System

by brianj1400 & 13 others (via)
Portal for everything having to do with grids in design.


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