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13 November 2006

$99,000 house

by jlesage
built out of shipping containers, schematics given; is this sustainability?

06 November 2006

by jlesage
visual encyclopedia that documents manufacturing processes, labor conditions and environmental impacts involved in the production of contemporary products.--summative photo essays produced by students guided by faculty

Invincible Cities

by jlesage
photographic exploration of two poor cities, a combination of Walter Benjamin's interest in traces and overlays with systematic, extensive visual ethnography

03 November 2006

02 November 2006

Radical Graphics

by jlesage
large collection organized by thematic and political categories; useful for office door poster, flyer, or demonstration

24 October 2006

one small project

by jlesage
learning from those who "claim leftover spaces in cities and live in unauthorized dwellings made of scavenged, leftover materials"; solicits contributions

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