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MVC pattern: Controller is too big!

by hai79
All software engineers know the MVC pattern also it is applied in various projects from standalone to web or distributed application. However, while many Software Engineers have different view on Controller layer and many cases it is not managed well because the Controller layer must do many things and it is too big!

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December 2006

Background Image Editor

by golem667
Convert interesting background images with this useful online image editor.

October 2006

Bird in the Hand's photosets on Flickr

by sbrothier & 1 other
San Francisco artist, Lisa Congdon, was born in 1968 to a textile artist mother and physicist father. Through her mother’s influence, Lisa's love of art and craft began at a young age, though she has never had any formal artistic training. She uses her lack of training to her advantage; instead of relying on refined technique, she uses her own raw sense of what looks aesthetically pleasing as her guide.

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Five common PHP design patterns

by nhoizey & 6 others (via)
Design patterns are just for Java™ architects -- at least that's what you may have been led to believe. In fact, design patterns are useful for everyone. If these tools aren't exclusive to architecture astronauts, what are they, and why are they useful in PHP applications? This article explains.

Main Page - Patterns For PHP

by nhoizey & 1 other
Patterns for PHP is a repository of Design Patterns implemented specifically for PHP. Tired of seeing Java implementations? Just want to see what Patterns are all about? Then come on in, browse, and if you wish, contribute to the growing number of Design Patterns with PHP centric descriptions and examples.

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AJAX Tutorials

by sylviam
AJAX Tutorials. Add your suggestions to this Wiki.

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