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Styling Wizard: Google Maps APIs

by srcmax
Customize colors, roads, labels, and more. Then use your custom style in your Google Maps APIs project.

Designing the whaam! style in Mapbox Studio | Mapbox

by sbrothier
Inspired by a Roy Lichtenstein original at the Walker Art Center, I decided to design the whaam! map. In his early career, Lichtenstein worked as a comic book artist which inspired his later work. I kept my whaam! style limited to four stylistic mainstays:

Designing the Swiss Ski style in Mapbox Studio | Mapbox

by sbrothier
Swiss maps have long been praised for their accuracy, quality, and beauty. Since 1938 the Swisstopo – Swiss Federal Office of Topography, has been producing maps for hikers, Alpinists, cyclists, planners, tourists, and explorers. I decided to design a ski map with such attention to detail using Mapbox Studio and the Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Terrain tilesets.


Randomness in map design | Mapbox

by sbrothier
I introduced an element of randomness into a recent map design. Misplaced buildings and overlapping areas of texture bring energy and excitement to the experience of viewing a map. The end result is a little disorienting, but still mostly familiar:





History - Las Vegas Sun

by HK
A Gamble in the Sand The history of Las Vegas is the ultimate American rags-to-riches story, filled with unusual heroes and foes. This 103-year-old saga follows the city through its incredible ups and downs, and highlights how and where some of the U.S.’s most monumental moments occurred. The largest American city founded in the 20th century took shape as a railroad watering hole before turning into the "Gateway to the Hoover Dam." From there the town was known by its seedy mob label as “Sin City,” before finally transforming into the corporately-financed adult playground called the "Entertainment Capital of the World."

google-maps-icons - Project Hosting on Google Code

by eledo34 & 6 others
MapIcons est une collection d’icônes dont le but est de venir remplacer avantageusement les icônes standards mise à disposition des internautes créateurs de carte personnalisée de GoogleMaps. Nicolas Mollet, le créateur du projet, nous propose plus de 500 icônes classées par catégories/couleurs : Administration, Office & Industry Culture & Entertainment Education & Kids Events & Weather Friends, Family & Real Estate Media Miscellaneous Restaurants [...]

Create floor plans, house plans and home plans online with

by mixher & 11 others

La façon la plus facile de créer et partager des plans d'aménagement interactifs



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