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LedLightRay : LED Faucet - Nice Look for Your Kitchen

by koibito
LED Faucet: The illuminated stream of water flows into the basin and lights it and the work area in a very effective manner.

LedLightRay : Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound”

by koibito
Entire Coldplay’s video shoot was done with LED lights from a total of 700 Versa TUBEs...

LedLightRay : Desktop Led Lamp: Hollywood Moon Spot

by koibito
exceptional, impressive objet d’art, a lamp of first-class quality that may well be called a light sculpture...

LedLightRay : THE VOS PAD - New Age Lighting in Your Apartment

by koibito
Decor and mood can be dramatically altered or gently mixed by microprocessor controlled lighting systems

LedLightRay : Industrial Design Led Lamp

by koibito
Designed to project an image of solidity and robustness


Ingo Maurer

by madape & 2 others
Awesome designs, very expensive

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