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Visual Design - Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

by sbrothier
Apple TV apps are fully immersive apps with unique design and user experience considerations. These principles help you design an app that reflects your brand and intentions while making a personal connection with people.

tvOS (Apple TV) UI Kit Sketch freebie - Download free resource for Sketch - Sketch App Sources

by sbrothier
A free UI Kit / starter kit for tvOS design following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. You'll need San Fransisco, Apple's font of choice for everything on the Apple TV:


De Haus

by gregg
Gin & Tonic Bar in Brussels



The iOS 7 Design Cheat Sheet - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
a iOS Design Cheat Sheet, which gives the dimension of various iOS graphical elements depending on the version of the OS and the device.

Un moteur de recherche d'éléments graphiques

by Giraultises (via)
UICloud est un moteur de recherche conçu pour les designers de site Internet. Vous pourrez trouver des boutons, des menus, des sliders, des calendriers, des tooltips... Bref une caverne d'alibaba pour graphiste... le tout en *.PSD ;-)

Home | Konigi

by jdrsantos & 5 others
News, resources, and tools for interface designers


Solve 50 problems in 50 days

by gregg
I'm on an adventure - to explore the limits of design's ability to solve social problems, big and small. To do this I attempted to solve 50 problems in 50 days using design. I also spent time with 12 of Europe's top design firms.


The Pitfall of Customizability in UI Design | KaishinLab

by oseres
A customizable interface is an interface that gives the user partial or total control over one or several of its properties. If my sporadic observations are anything to go by, a growing number of people involved in building user interfaces resort to customizability as a sure-fire way to empower users and give them more control over their workflows. After all, the heterogeneity of user expectations renders the challenge of designing universal interfaces unsurmountable, or so they say.

Boxtuffs - Des éléments d'interfaces ergonomiques en CSS3 et XHTML - La Ferme du web

by eledo34
Boxtuffs est un site proposant plusieurs widgets / éléments d'interfaces web très design, réalisés en XHTML & CSS3 et téléchargeables gratuitement.


iPad: Scroll or Card?

by nhoizey
"Should you scroll or flip pages on the screen?"

Matias Gallipoli

by gregg
portfolio, web design, front-end development, user interface design and more...

User Interface Design Framework | Huge GUI elements library for Illustrator | 290 free vectors icons

by claire_ & 3 others
A free User Interface Design tool for Web Designers • Design faster wireframes and create better mockup deliverables in Illustrator. • Design usable application interface with hundreds of common GUI elements : just drop them from Illustrator Panels or pick them in the library files. • Customize easily the vectors GUI elements to your own needs : you can easily resize, color or tweak their appearance. • Benefit from a consistent UI elements library made by a web designer expert in application interface design

Julia Tsao

by gregg
Curious Displays functions simultaneously as a form of design research and as a proposal for a new product, a future display technology.

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