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Push Pop Press — About Us

by HK & 1 other
Push Pop Press acquired by Facebook Last year Push Pop Press set off to re-imagine the book. We created a new way of publishing and exploring text, images, audio, video and interactive graphics, then teamed up with Melcher Media and Al Gore to create a new kind of book. The result is Al Gore's Our Choice, which was released earlier this year. The response has been incredible. Tech columnist David Pogue of The New York Times summed it up by saying: “this is one of the most elegant, fluid, impressive apps you've ever seen. It's a showpiece for the new world of touch-screen gadgets.” Now we're taking our publishing technology and everything we've learned and are setting off to help design the world's largest book, Facebook. Although Facebook isn't planning to start publishing digital books, the ideas and technology behind Push Pop Press will be integrated with Facebook, giving people even richer ways to share their stories. With millions of people publishing to Facebook each day, we think it's going to be a great home for Push Pop Press. Al Gore's Our Choice will remain available for purchase, and we've decided that our future profits from the book will be donated to The Climate Reality Project. There are no plans to continue publishing new titles or building out our publishing platform that was in private beta. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported and expressed interest in Push Pop Press. Both Push Pop Press and Facebook share a passion for improving the way we share and explore ideas and we couldn't be more excited about what the future holds. Mike Matas Kimon Tsinteris Co-founders, Push Pop Press


Immersive Media

by HK & 4 others, 9 comments
La technologie de vidéo immersive en 360°, développée principalement par la société Immersive Media, est connue depuis quelques temps déjà. Mais son utilisation dans des reportages d'actualité révèle tout son intérêt. Immersive Media a en effet filmé les rues d'Haïti après le séisme. Lancez la vidéo, faites un drag and drop sur l'image. L'effet est saisissant, on a l'impression d'y être


Every day the same dream - molleindustria

by HK & 3 others
Every Day the Same Dream - Un récit interactif hyper fin. #BDinteractive #tout-en-nuances

History - Las Vegas Sun

by HK
A Gamble in the Sand The history of Las Vegas is the ultimate American rags-to-riches story, filled with unusual heroes and foes. This 103-year-old saga follows the city through its incredible ups and downs, and highlights how and where some of the U.S.’s most monumental moments occurred. The largest American city founded in the 20th century took shape as a railroad watering hole before turning into the "Gateway to the Hoover Dam." From there the town was known by its seedy mob label as “Sin City,” before finally transforming into the corporately-financed adult playground called the "Entertainment Capital of the World."

GTI Project : Volkswagen UK

by HK & 2 others
jeux The GTI Project celebrates the car and its history. Delivering an amazing race experience on the secret GTI interactive Scalectrix test track.

Working Element

by HK
Elégante réalisation Flash de hello Monday pour le collectif d’artistes Working Element, LLC, basé à Los Angeles.

Red Interactive Agency

by HK & 6 others
Beaucoup de monde en parle, le nouveau site de Red Interactive est une très belle ... Red Interactive Agency : un gros buzz pour le nouveau site ... a la possibilité de se choisir un personnage, et de se promener sur différents espaces.

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