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Logo Process – Keyboard Kahuna Identity Development

by marco
Often hard to imagine so such much work going into a logo design project, more so when the final logo design is so clean and ’simple’. This is often the way, a logo design process post helps put the whole project into context, to see the amount of work required behind the scenes.



LogoPond - Identity Inspiration

by maxxyme & 68 others
Gallery of thousands of brand new unused logos


Google Page Creator

by jlesage & 4 others
google tool for helping a person create their own web page and store it free online; very simple interface

group hug // anonymous online confessions

by jlesage & 9 others
like postsecrets but in prose; "type a note about a fault of your own, something you did or thought about and are not proud of"; filters out obvious lies, overtly vulgar, identifying specific others.

DIGITALSOULS.COM - new media art | philosophy | culture

by jlesage
"one of the longest continuously running online galleries and e-zines dedicated to new media art, digital culture and philosophy; contributions by international artists and writers including Brian Eno, Yoko Ono, John Berger, Sean Cubitt, Susan Sontag..."

by jlesage
includes net pieces, short essays on art, quicktime movies

photos you likebetter: you are what you like

by jlesage
a charming game in which you pick which of two photos you like the best, supposedly revealing something about you

Conversations with Dina

by jlesage
post on how students did visual ethnography using Flickr and the tags people put there

Photo Essays in Black and White by Herman Krieger

by jlesage
views of vernacular architecture and everyday use in small towns; from Eugene Oregon

American Lesbian Photography - Home

by jlesage
"aim is to provide an overview over those lesbian photographers that took pictures of lesbians, and .. to discuss their photography in relation to the time in which they worked"

Code Z: Black Visual Culture Now

by jlesage
many categories, including fine art, design, fashion, film, architecture, publishing, digital media, public policy; attractively designed site, starting Aug. 06

creativebits | mac design community

by jlesage & 4 others
a professional blog and community site for graphic designers working on Mac OS X

Revealing Pictures & Reflexive Frames 2004

by jlesage
visual anthropology open archive, photos with comments: "opportunity to examine photographic modes of communication across societies, cultures, and academic worlds"

Book Review of "Sowing Empire: Landscape and Colonization"

by jlesage
Filmmakers and writers need to be aware of the history and social practice "spoken" by spaces and places. This is about the politics of gardens.

Zone-Tour : Database of Urban Exploration

by jlesage & 2 others
look at ordinarily unseen places: technical galleries, attics, construction places, roofs, all those "No Entry" places that form a sort of parallel deserted town


by jlesage & 26 others
Create a map of your life* Build a map for your event* Make a travelogue* Create a map with photos and videos

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