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by Xavier Lacot & 4 others
Default Icon is a repository of minimal icons based on black color. It can be used for UI design on web,  portable devices (iPhone, iPad, Android compatible devices, other smartphones, etc.), desktop applications, and generally any kind of electronic or mechanic machinery interface.


by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A HTML5 web content authoring tool, which allows to create animations too. A replacement for flash ?

Iconic Icon Set – 136 icons in raster, vector and font formats

by Xavier Lacot & 6 others
A free Icons set. The design is rather minimalistic, and might help in several projects.



Carsonified » How Colour Communicates Meaning

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
Colour is a complex subject with many strands and it has the power to subliminally convey values and stories.


typeface.js -- Rendering text with Javascript, <canvas>, and VML

by Xavier Lacot & 12 others
Typeface is a js library that permits to render text in custom fonts without using flash or images. Else, it uses canvas, VML or SVG. It has the disadvantage of not allowing to select the text for copy-pasting (while siFr allows it).



Renforcer la netteté d'une image sous SPIP

by duranduran
Filtre graphique pour SPIP renforçant la netteté d'une image. Très pratique après un redimensionnement: le redimensionnement provoque un léger flou, que ce filtre permet de contrebalancer.

Créer automatiquement une publicité iPod

by duranduran
Filtre SPIP qui créé des images façon iPod

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