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Julien Vallée | motion graphic & design | Montréal

by fabifab & 13 others
I am a graphic designer based in Montréal, Canada. I am working on a range of projects including art direction, motion graphic, print design, art installation and video + design for the music industry. I try to get in touch with every aspect of the environnement. I like to use manual art well endorsed by the various technological tools available in order to make the bridge between manual and virtual art.


The Style Press

by sbrothier
Predominant daily news on fashion, art, design and pop culture


Consider™ | Wire

by sbrothier
Wire is committed to the inclusive design agenda – helping designers understand how their work can be made accessible to everybody. Consider™ is Wire’s award-winning concept that helps graphic designers and their clients understand the effect of common visual impairments. Consider™ is a desktop tool that can be launched from any design software package or PDF reader. The first part of the software allows designers to identify common visual impairments (such as such as dyslexia, colour blindness, refractive error and partial sight) in their target audience. Consider™ then replicates common eye conditions to enhance the designer’s understanding of different impairments. It also recommends how designs can be improved to make them more inclusive. The software does not deliver prescriptive solutions. Instead it helps the designer to understand the principles underlying inclusive design and shows how they might make their work more inclusive. Consider™ won the Design Business Association’s Inclusive Design Challenge 2006. Judges called Consider™: ‘a brilliant, intuitive tool with wide-ranging scope that will change perceptions among designers and their clients regarding inclusive design.’ You can find out more about the DBA Inclusive Design challenge at the DBA site and The Helen Hamlyn Research Centre


by calang
Exposition de design graphique 28 mars - 16 avril LUX, Scène nationale Valence Annick Lantenois, initiatrice du projet (ERBA Valence)


Extending grapplica

by grapplica (via)
Personal blog of a Brussels interaction designer called Grapplica.

[email protected]

by oqdbpo
NMoDesign, NMoTees, Nima Falatoori, Nima, Falatoori, NMo, NMo Design, London, Graphic Design, Design for Print and Screen, NMoTees


Ji Lee Pleaseenjoy

by sbrothier
Ji Lee / Art Director and Designer Check > Independent projects > Speech-Bubble Stickers

Art. Lebedev Studio

by sbrothier & 6 others
Art. Lebedev Studio was founded in 1995. At present, it is the largest design company in Russia. We do industrial design, graphic design, web design and interface engineering. We have our own training center, a publishing house, a media department, and three software teams.

AIGA Design Archives

by sbrothier & 9 others
The AIGA design Archives are a record of annual juried selections of design excellence and the work of designers honored by AIGA. / Brand & identity systems design / Corporate comm design / editorial / envirnmental / experience / illustration / information / package / promotional / typographic / book design... made by Second Story Studios

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