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Action Per Minute - 一葉千鳥

by jackiege
APM这个专业名词,英文是Action Per Minute,就是每分钟所下达的指令数。顶级高手应该在250以上,甚至可以高达300,也就是说每秒能下达4, 5个指令,手和脑配合能同时快到如此境界是很惊人的。


by ebbweiwei
they design


by oqdbpo & 1 other (via)
About Anthony studied Graphic Design at Leeds Polytechnic before completing his MA at the Royal College of Art, London. He works as a freelance designer producing print, moving image and interactive design based on direct communication in which humour often plays a central role. His projects have included poster campaigns for London Underground, DIESEL, Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Playstation, Nike and interactive web based projects for Kraftwerk and Air. Anthony lives and works on the Isle of Oxney, Kent.

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Game Design: progettare videogiochi con Daniele Azara, Game Designer. CG Italia

by xaxxy
Ciao, vi presento una persona interessante che ha cose stimolanti da raccontare. Gli ho proposto di farlo direttamente qui su CG Italia in un nuovo filone editoriale dedicato alla creazione di videogiochi.


by azusa & 16 others
99ROOMS.COM - A Project of Kim Koester, Richard Schumann, Stephan Schulz and Johannes Buenemann

March 2006

The 20' By 20' Room: John Kirk's Design Patterns of Successful Roleplaying Games

by bcpbcp (via)
John Kirk has written a book, Design Patterns of Successful Roleplaying Games, in which he tries to catalogue successful game mechanics, why they work, and when (and when not) to use them. Design patterns are a communication tool from software development -- the idea is that successful projects will tend to have recurring patterns, and that by naming and describing them and the situations that call for their use, we can make it easier to turn tacit, experiential knowledge into a teachable skill. - Books

by bcpbcp
This is a non-exhaustive list of recommended books. New titles might be added to the list in the future. Books are organized by general subject (Technical Books, Game Design, Game Studies and related subjects) and, within subject, by no particular order.

February 2006

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