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December 2006

Zoom In Online: the internet video channel providing essential info on media & entertainment

by jlesage
business and technology for media artists; many interesting perspectives and tech histories

Art, Design, and Visual Thinking

by jlesage & 3 others
a basic design text for art students, complete text and exercises onlin

November 2006

DIGITALSOULS.COM - new media art | philosophy | culture

by jlesage
"one of the longest continuously running online galleries and e-zines dedicated to new media art, digital culture and philosophy; contributions by international artists and writers including Brian Eno, Yoko Ono, John Berger, Sean Cubitt, Susan Sontag..."

American Lesbian Photography - Home

by jlesage
"aim is to provide an overview over those lesbian photographers that took pictures of lesbians, and .. to discuss their photography in relation to the time in which they worked"

Design Observer: writings about design & culture

by jlesage & 1 other
very well written blog; as I have commented before, knowing about space and place is crucial for thoughtful mediamakers

Cabinet Magazine Online -

by jlesage
a quarterly journal of art, design, culture; partly playful, some art, some scholarly essays; good mix of specific reviews and overviews

lens culture: contemporary photography magazine

by jlesage & 4 others
Photographyy internationally: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, lyrical, personal, abstract, human, and street photography. Essays, interviews with photographers, reviews of exhibitions and photo books.

Book Review of "Sowing Empire: Landscape and Colonization"

by jlesage
Filmmakers and writers need to be aware of the history and social practice "spoken" by spaces and places. This is about the politics of gardens.

Magnum Photos - Essays

by jlesage
audio/slideshows from top photographers, often commenting on their craft

October 2006

12 Principles of Web Writing and Design

by jlesage
from teacher Craig Stroupe, who has online many useful teaching tools across tech and cultural fields


by jlesage
Journal of Cultural and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular

b o r d e r l a n d s e-journal :: all issues

by jlesage
"writings cutting across and between politics, media, literature, history, law, science, medicine, philosophy, economics, music, film and more." Attractive and informative graphic design for ejournal homepage.

OUP: Cartwright & Sturken: "Practices of Looking"

by jlesage
Oxford U. Press offers PDFs of chapters one and nine of this introduction to visual culture

September 2006

Lev Manovich - Avant-garde as Software

by jlesage
The 1920s avant garde "revolution" in film, arts, typography, and architecture has become part of computer hard- and software design; new media does not now provide new ways of seeing but radically new ways of using already accumulated media.

August 2006


by jlesage
originator of avant-garde blogathon, Aug. 2, 2006; good links on left to other film blogs; Aug. 2 entry has links to bloggers who responded to call.

Notes on the Cinema Stylographer: Ganeden, 2003

by jlesage
contains a list of every blogger that contributed to the avant-garde film blogathon, a good compilation of bloggers interested in the topic. This blog gathers intelligent comments for its postings.

July 2006

Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory

by jlesage
art and analysis of film sound; interviews with sound designers of feature films

January 2006

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