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by sbrothier
concrete kitchen countertops

PiP Studio

by sbrothier
Bath, bed, home decoration, homewear

Slot Table

by sbrothier
SlOt table The award-winning slot Table is a refined take on the sawhorse table and provides plenty of legroom. By taking advantage of the strength of steel legs and a thick wood slab, the bulk of the table’s structure is concealed and only the elegant lines of the top and legs remain. Two openings in the tabletop highlight the seamless joining of the wood and metal and bring the beauty of the wood’s end grain to the center of the table. At the same time, the slots allow for tidy laptop cord control. By incorporating the practical elements of a desk into a classic dining table, gsdo addresses the reality that in homes, restaurants, and hotels, working and dining often happen on the same surface. each table is fabricated by a master furniture builder, and is available in a variety of wood species, metal finishes, and sizes. To purchase or to inquire about custom materials and sizes, please contact gsdo. Prices available upon request.


Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

by sbrothier
Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Manufactum to develop high-quality solutions for the parent group. Ten years later, Manufactum's founder Thomas Hoof and the Thomas Hoof Produktgesellschaft separated from the group and established the Thomas Hoof Group, which since then has been pooling companies from the construction, forestry and agriculture sectors as well as several editorial houses.





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