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December 2010

Data Tables and Cascading Style Sheets Gallery

by nhoizey
The CSS Table Gallery is a showcase of how CSS and data tables can work together to create usable and pretty results.

Contrast-A: Find Accessible Color Combinations

by nhoizey
The application allows users to experiment with color combinations, examine them under the aspect of accessibility guidelines and to create custom color palettes.

November 2010

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator -

by nhoizey
A powerful Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor from ColorZilla

TidyPSD - Get your PSDs organized!

by nhoizey
Un service (humain) de rangement de PSD, pour que les intégrateurs arrêtent de s'arracher les cheveux avec les PSD pourris de certains graphistes.

July 2010

gCons: Free All-Purpose Icons for Designers and Developers (100 icons PSD) - Smashing Magazine

by claire_
a set of free all-purpose 32×32px icons for designers and web developers (100 icons). The icons come in 12 different colors and are available in PSD, PNG, JPG and GIF formats. You can use the set for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions. You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes.

User Interface Design Framework | Huge GUI elements library for Illustrator | 290 free vectors icons

by claire_ & 3 others
A free User Interface Design tool for Web Designers • Design faster wireframes and create better mockup deliverables in Illustrator. • Design usable application interface with hundreds of common GUI elements : just drop them from Illustrator Panels or pick them in the library files. • Customize easily the vectors GUI elements to your own needs : you can easily resize, color or tweak their appearance. • Benefit from a consistent UI elements library made by a web designer expert in application interface design

Thème Redmine Pixel Cookers | Pixel Cookers

by nhoizey
Un bon thème graphique ça peut changer la perception d'une application

Seductive Interactions

by nhoizey
Excellents slides de Stephen Anderson sur les bonnes recettes pour construire un service en ligne qui attire et capte les utilisateurs.

June 2010

May 2010

Introducing "Aristo", A jQuery UI Theme — Nothing Insightful

by nhoizey & 2 others
"here we have Aristo for jQuery UI. A proof-of-concept to illustrate how jQuery UI could progress if they get sacrifice some of their direction and get some nifty designers on board"

April 2010


by nhoizey & 7 others
"0to255 is a simple tool that helps web designers find variations of any color. "

February 2010

Guide stylistique — Exemple de charte graphique et éditoriale

by nhoizey
"La mise en place d’une charte graphique et éditoriale est assez chronophage, c’est pourquoi elle est souvent réservée aux projets importants. Mais sa rédaction tout au long de la phase de conception peut s’avérer une aide précieuse pour éviter la dispersion et formaliser les choix créatifs au fur et à mesure de leur cristallisation."

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator -

by nhoizey & 4 others
"This is a simple tool for generating dummy/filler images on the fly at whatever size you want."

January 2010

Boks - A Visual Grid Editor - TOKI WOKI.

by nhoizey
"Boks is an AIR application that provides a User Interface for Blueprint CSS's framework. It's been designed for those who think the Grid System is good but never really took the time to give it love."

by nhoizey & 8 others
"jParallax turns a selected element into a 'window', or viewport, and all its children into absolutely positioned layers that can be seen through the viewport. These layers move in response to the mouse, and, depending on their dimensions (and options for layer initialisation), they move by different amounts, in a parallaxy kind of way."

December 2009

SlickMap CSS — A Visual Sitemapping Tool for Web Developers

by nhoizey
"SlickMap CSS is a simple stylesheet for displaying finished sitemaps directly from HTML unordered list navigation. It’s suitable for most web sites – accommodating up to three levels of page navigation and additional utility links – and can easily be customized to meet your own individual needs, branding, or style preferences."

Notable | Easiest way for teams to provide feedback on websites.

by nhoizey & 6 others
"Quickly and easily give feedback on design, content, and code on any page of a website or application without leaving your browser. Works on iPhone, too!"

Fixed Floating Elements | jQuery for Designers

by nhoizey
Comment faire des éléments qui bougent avec le reste du contenu, mais ne sortent pas si on scrolle trop. Mis en œuvre sur le menu de pour une meilleure ergonomie !

November 2009

DesignSvn - Subversion for Designers

by nhoizey
"DesignSvn is an application created for designers and graphic artists to easily share their concepts and refer back to older revisions. Keep your projects organized in one central place and gather feedback from your clients as you progress."

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