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hard graft | 3FOLD Multi-Use Bag | All Grey | VIEW ALL

by sbrothier
One bag. Three distinct formats. The 3Fold is a slim Laptop Bag, a spacious Overnighter or a sizeable A2 Portfolio Bag. The intelligent nature of the bag makes it as flexible as your lifestyle demands.


Fashion Directory

by adresaklumea
Fashion Directory - just & only fashion

recycled bags

by MMP
cool bags made out from the banners and placards used to announce the exhibitions, festivals, and cultural events that take place in Barcelona. demano uses this material to create bags and other accessories for everyday use.


João Sabino's Keyboard Bag

by sbrothier (via)
a bag made of a recycled keyboards - existe aussi en noir ;)

Everquest Design 2004 - Own a piece of history

by sbrothier
Unique, limited edition bags with AUTHENTIC parachutes from Space Station missions, America's Cup sails, Mount Everest Expeditions and more.

Voltaic Backpack, Solar Backpack, Solar Bag

by sbrothier (via)
The Voltaic™ solar bags are mobile power generators, designed to charge your devices without tying you to a power outlet.

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