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by HK
PepperMelon has been giving an original and distinguished flavor to the Animation & Design Industry since its launch date, circa 2007. The studios are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where passionate craftsmen are part of a creative studio model that combines the abilities of directors, animators, character designers, industrial designers, visual effects artists and writers.


by HK
creative process, marketing for our with web, developers aatists,...and campaigns for clients across NY city around the world

Cellules Studio > conceptions et réalisations de projets interactifs et audiovisuels

by HK
Cellules est un studio de création qui associe deux spécialités : la conception interactive et la réalisation audiovisuelle. Nous créons des outils de communication en apportant la force de l'image animée au potentiel des médias électroniques, et inversement. Nous travaillons pour tous les formats d'écrans et modes de consultation (sites internet et intranet, smartphones, projections, bornes interactives, dvd...).


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collectif d'artistes et de motionmakers

Dassault Systemes: Welcome

by oqdbpo
DS design Studio is a key asset in DS Strategy, connecting their designers together with DS R&D engineers to combine the best of creativity (art) and engineering (science). Thinking beyond boundaries, imagining and defining the future of DS Design Solutions are DS Design Studio mission.


Infilta - Web, branding and print solutions.

by oqdbpo
Infilta is a creative agency offering small and medium businesses design solutons for their web, branding and print communications with their target markets, partners and investors. Visual communications with your environment is extremely important in the age of High Definition, true color and 3D sound technologies. At the other hand, people in our age are overwhelmed by the amounts of information. Simplicity and value is the key to be heard, to be understood. and to build brand loyalty. We offer simple and effective solutions such as corporate web sites, corporate identity and print materials.