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sfSyncClusterPlugin - symfony - Trac

by kasi77
The sfSyncClusterPlugin introduces a symfony sync-cluster task. The symfony sync-cluster task is intended as a replacement for the symfony sync task. While the plugin is backwards-compatible with symfony sync (they even use the same configuration files) this plugin offers several advantages over a traditional symfony sync. The symfony sync-cluster task: * Synchronizes a Symfony application across an unlimited number of servers. Symfony's sync only works for a single server. * Clears the Symfony cache on each server with a symfony cc. Doing this with sync requires an additional command. * Allows you to use ssh public/private keyfile authentication so you won't be prompted for a password during long deployments. * Allows you to deploy your web assets to a CDN without having to copy your entire site. The sfSyncCluster currently supports standard rsync transfer and transfer to Amazon S3. * Allows you to specify groups of servers to sync. If you have many servers, you can place them into logical groups and move them around quickly.


7-Zip SFX module

by kuruzman
Création d'archive autoextractible avec 7-Zip.

2006 : ADSL en France - ADSL chez vous : Déploiement ADSL

by centralien
Cette carte nous est fourni par Frane Télécom et est régulièrement mise à jour. Certaines prévisions n'ayant pu aboutir, la carte peut contenir quelques erreurs. Afin d'être certain de votre éligibilité, nous vous conseillons d'utiliser l'outil déligibilité se trouvant sur cette page sur la droite.

Deploying Rails with Apache 2

by camel & 1 other (via)
it's time to take on the issue of deploying a Rails application onto Apache.

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