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May 2006

Get Rich Slowly » Housing: Rent vs. Buy Calculator

by urbanfoto
Should you buy or rent? That’s a question we each face at some point. It doesn’t always make sense to buy. Depending on your location, your marital status, your income level, how long you intend to live in a particular location, and a handful of othe

Feature: 90 Days to Real Estate Success

by urbanfoto
Day 1: Hit the ground running Day 7: Structure your days Day 30: Have a plan Day 90: Learn as you sell Online Exclusive: A week-by-week guide 90 Days to Real Estate Success

Manage Real Estate Showing Appointments Software System

by urbanfoto is a real estate showing appointment management system created for real estate agents, listing offices and real estate clients. This system makes a mundane real estate task quick and easy by allowing up to 10 showings appointments to be b - sell your property

by urbanfoto
I have no idea what Emongoo is supposed to mean (except for a formerly-available URL with a .com extension), but I can tell you it's pretty cool for what it does. Emongoo is a home listing site that gives you a place for your home, 20 images, and will sen

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January 2006

Tech@Work: Web logs

by urbanfoto
Blogging for profit as a realtor

Real Estate

by urbanfoto
news for realestate pros

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