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April 2006

Changing Font Styles Within The Page

by urbanfoto
Here is a listing of a few fonts: Andale Mono Arabic Transparent Arial Ariblk Baskerville Book Antiqua Botanical Centaur Century Gothic Courier Courier New David Futura T Bold Garamond Geneva Georgia Helvetica Impact Jester Regular Jokerman Letter Gothic

March 2006

New Window - css-discuss

by urbanfoto
Opening a new window upon clicking a hyperlink is a common technique that allows (some say forces) a user to view new content in a separate window, while keeping the original content open.

When and how to use internet image formats

by urbanfoto & 5 others
What is this guide for? To teach you how to use the correct image formats for the correct situation. I am personally fed up of seeing people use gif for photos, jpeg for Windows screencaps, and other totally inappropriate image format uses. So I made this

CSS Tools

by urbanfoto & 31 others
CSS, XHMTL, Webstandards related tools, references, and articles.


by urbanfoto & 1 other
The mission of this blog is to educate both clients and Visual Communication designers (also known as 'graphic' designers) and about the nature of speculative, or "spec" work.

February 2006


by urbanfoto & 3 others
a 360 view of the creative world

Designers who Blog: Design, Illustration, Photography, Web, Advertising, Branding …

by urbanfoto & 6 others
A comprehensive list of designers, from multiple disciplines, that maintain their own blogs

January 2006

Erratic Wisdom: Tutorial: Coding a Layout

by urbanfoto & 5 others
So, you’ve designed your next site but you’re having a little trouble turning your lovely PSD into a coded layout. This tutorial should help you learn how to analyze either a new template, or even your current layout to find the best way to code it.

Dive Into Accessibility

by urbanfoto & 9 others
This book answers two questions. The first question is "Why should I make my web site more accessible?" If you do not have a web site, this book is not for you. The second question is "How can I make my web site more accessible?" If you are not convinced

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