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May 2006

3spots: Social Bookmarking Buttons you can Hotlink • • •

by urbanfoto & 2 others
Here are some buttons you can hotlink with or without the code to post to several social bookmark services so you can directly copy and past as-is to your blog template!

<!-- Social bookmark Buttons code for Blogger -->

by urbanfoto
<!-- These buttons are hosted by ImagePile ( and made by 3spots ( Please feel free to use them :) -->

ecmanaut: Blogger previous and next date links

by urbanfoto & 1 other
It's time for my much sought after post on setting up a Blogger blog with Previous and Next date links. This is one way of doing it, it is not exactly the way my blog does it. (This code is much cleaner, and only does this particular thing. Hence you won'

April 2006

Social Bookmark Link Creator for Blogs - Blog Marketing Tools from TopRank

by urbanfoto & 4 others
The Social Bookmark Link Maker will enable you to add your favorite social bookmark and tagging links to your blog template. Making it easy for your blog visitors to bookmark your better posts, will create more traffic to your blog as well as links. More

Changing Font Styles Within The Page

by urbanfoto
Here is a listing of a few fonts: Andale Mono Arabic Transparent Arial Ariblk Baskerville Book Antiqua Botanical Centaur Century Gothic Courier Courier New David Futura T Bold Garamond Geneva Georgia Helvetica Impact Jester Regular Jokerman Letter Gothic

March 2006

3spots: 30 Social Bookmarks 'Add to' footer links for blogs • • •

by urbanfoto & 5 others
Add to Social Bookmarks Codes For other blogs services replace the code with: Blogger Code: TypePad/Movable Type Code: Blog URL : &lt;$BlogItemPermalinkURL$&gt; &lt;$MTEntryPermalink$&gt; Blog Title : &lt;$BlogItemTitle$&gt; &lt;$MTEntryTitle$&gt;

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