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What’s Next for Delicious?

by François Hodierne

We’d like to sell the service, find it a new home, and to help, we’ve fired the entire product team, effective immediately.



Chris Millward :: extended bookmarklets

by ycc2106 & 4 others
extended bookmarklets bookmarklets that I've found to extend functionality

Delicious v2

by marco & 2 others
Bye bye le .us (?) et un truc bien c'est qu'on peut rechercher en combinant les tags : /tag/tag1+tag2

Will We See Delicious 2.0 This Week?

by springnet
It’s been four and a half months since Yahoo first previewed Delicious 2.0. We’ve heard not a peep from them since as to when it might launch publicly and replace the existing, somewhat dated interface. : stockez vos mots de passe en ligne - Le Potlatch

by daxlebo
Comptes de e-mail, codes d'inscription, FTP ou SQL : chaque internaute accumule des dizaines de code d'accès différents qu'il faut bien entreposer quelque part. Chacun a sa méthode, car chaque méthode a ses avantages et ses inconvénients. Voici comment faire en utilisant


Submit Multiple URLs to Bookmarks as a Batch at Digital Inspiration

by springnet
Imagine you have hundreds (or even thousands) of webpage URLs that you want to upload to your account. How would do this bulk submit when the delicious system allows you to bookmark web pages one at a time ?

trendalicious v2.0

by springnet & 1 other
trendalicious is a real-time ranking of the 100 most popular web pages as reflected by, digg, and reddit. URLs posted to those sites are collected and ranked by their total number of votes or links.

Malarkey Software - Software - dead.licious

by nhoizey & 3 others
dead.licious is a tool for verifying that all of your bookmarks in your, ma.gnolia, or Simpy accounts are still valid and gives you the option of removing or fixing those dead links.

50 | Home

by springnet & 3 others
We only crawl web sites that were bookmarked or voted for by people, in sites like, digg and reddit.

Why Digg is More Popular than… Or is it?

by springnet
So, if stands for Bookmarking, Sharing and Discovery, and Digg stands for Buzz, Partying and Traffic, which service will have a longterm appeal?

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