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Delicious v2

by marco & 2 others
Bye bye le .us (?) et un truc bien c'est qu'on peut rechercher en combinant les tags : /tag/tag1+tag2

by springnet
* Tag Digest – a page in blog form of the most popular bookmarks seen * The original blog post introducing LiveMarks Homepage: Author: Alex Bosworth License: GPL


Revealicious - revealing the way you use

by instrumarine & 1 other
view your bookmarks using SpaceNav, TagsCloud and Grouper

Socialist - Truly social bookmarking

by nhoizey (via)
Socialist takes the experience of social bookmarking through to a new level. Subscribe to RSS feeds, your favorite tags, and your friend's bookmarks in a friendly Mail-like interface. Socialist gives you access to your bookmarks from any Mac, and online (through Assign tags to websites and never worry about unorganized bookmarks again!


adaptive path » tagging vs. cataloging: what it's all about

by nhoizey & 1 other
Tags have taken the internet by storm. Where once the question was “what are they,” now all people want to know is whether a given site offers them. But what are the actual benefits of tags? What motivates millions of Flickr, and blog users to add tags to their photos and posts? And what is it about tags and tagging that gets information architects and user experience professionals so excited? : Tools

by springnet & 1 other
# Get free stuff for Web design - ok # Using a Background Image Grid to Lay Out Your Web Site | Smiley Cat Web Design - ok # :: Open Source Telephony Project - ok # Seth's Blog: How to live happily with a great designer - ok - scattering tags - now with images

by tangthon & 27 others text gives you a random textual scattering of a user's tags, sized according to the number of times that they've used each of them, and leaves you to draw your own insights from the overlapping entrails.

oishii! - ephemeral pheromonal

by springnet & 2 others
One of the main purposes of social bookmarking systems is allowing people to see what other people are bookmarking. I frequently find things that people are linking to very interesting, and thought it would be nice to slap together a system that could tel tag search {}

by springnet
This form allows you to look up links that are tagged with one or more subjects. Example: entering art and design brings you to the url which has links to pages about both art and design. (Of course, you ca

Tags - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by springnet & 1 other
Although "tagging" is often promented as an alternative to organization by a hierarchy of categories, more and more online resources seem to use a hybrid system, where items are organized into broad categories, with finer classification distinctions being

The Best Stuff in the World!

by slogoo & 17 others
世界上最好的东东?分类浏览,Tag浏览,RSS浏览。首先有感觉的是她的创意:发现共享最好的东东,几乎囊括了所有分类!最有感觉的是她的搜索框,很像 !

by slogoo & 4 others
利用 GMap 做的個人地圖應用,可以標注 Tag、說明、圖片

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