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How to Decide What Bugs to Fix When, Part 1

by Elessar & 1 other
There are two challenges to making smart bug decisions: first, understanding how to make good bug-fix decisions; and second, creating and following a process that makes it easy to stick to those decisions when the pressure is high.

DTrace and PHP

by nhoizey (via)
Tonight during our OpenSolaris BOF at OSCON, PHP core developer Wez Furlong was busy adding a DTrace provider to PHP. After a little bit of work (and a little bit of debugging), we got it working -- and damn is it cool

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Digital Web Magazine - Being a PHP Lumberjack

by fredbird
Just as you can learn something about the age and history of a tree by looking at its rings, you can monitor the flow of a program’s execution by using the debug_backtrace() function.

February 2005

The Console Service

by benoit
The Console Service interface supports logging runtime messages from any source. Messages can then be displayed to the user with the JavaScript Console, logged to disk, etc.

January 2005


by eban777
webrick/cgi な CGI のデバッグ

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