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Socketbug - Mobile Web Application Debugging

by Xavier Lacot
Socketbug is a Remote Debugging Utility built using Socket.IO, which allows to use modern browsers to remotely debug mobile Web applications.

July 2011

May 2011

weinre - Home

by Spone
It's a debugger for web pages, like FireBug (for FireFox) and Web Inspector (for WebKit-based browsers), except it's designed to work remotely, and in particular, to allow you debug web pages on a mobile device such as a phone.

Holmes The CSS Markup Detective

by greut

Holmes is stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML(5) markup by adding one class.

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htty's htty at master - GitHub

by ghis (via)
htty is a console application for interacting with HTTP servers. It’s something of a cross between curl and the Lynx browser.

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html5shiv - Project Hosting on Google Code

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
Public repo for the latest HTML5 JavaScript shiv for IE to recognise and style the HTML5 elements.