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Ubuntu Tweak - Fagámolo con Ubuntu

by m.meixide & 3 others
Ubuntu Tweak é un aplicativo para que todos poidamos configurar Ubuntu de forma sinxela. Fornece moitas opcións útiles para o escritorio e sistema que o contorno de escritorio predefinido non fornece. Coa súa axuda, poderá disfrutar moito máis da súa experiencia con Ubuntu

Remastersys Backup

by m.meixide
Remastersys is a tool that can be used to do 2 things with an existing Debian, Ubuntu or derivative installation. 1. It can make a full system backup including personal data to a live cd or dvd that you can use anywhere and install. 2. It can make a distributable copy you can share with friends. This will not have any of your personal user data in it. V2 Beta - Software for Ubuntu Linux - Welcome

by m.meixide & 1 other
GetDeb is an unofficial project with the mission to provide the latest open source and freeware applications for the current Ubuntu Linux release, in an easy to install manner. We no longer provide updates for applications prior to Ubuntu 9.04, you still can get packages from our legacy website . The GetDeb repository extends the official repositories by providing latest versions and new applications. Unlike the official packages, GetDeb packages do not have a predefined release schedule - new software versions are provided as they become available from their authors. There is a short and limited testing phase instead of a full testing cycle to ensure packaging quality, however it is less strict than Ubuntu's official requirements.

Old GetDeb - Software for Ubuntu Linux

by m.meixide
There is no "company" behind this project - it is managed, maintained, developed and supported by a volunteer group and by the users themselves. Your help is needed and appreciated.


SmsAlert : Envoyer des sms gratuitement depuis ses serveurs

by Adri1bip
Il y a quelques jours je me demandais comment être alerté gratuitement par sms depuis mes serveurs en cas de soucis ou panne. Alors après avoir épluché google et parcouru une dizaine de sites gratuits mais payant (cherchez l’erreur) après avoir demandé à mes connaissances et ne trouvant pas de solution j’ai fini par pondre la solution suivante, alors oui ce n’est pas parfait, oui ce n’est pas 100% libres, oui c’est du bidouillage, mais bon ça fait ce que je veux, comme je le veux.

neatx - Google Code

by yakari35 (via)
Un serveur NX sous GPL v2 en Python, by Google

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