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28 February 2006 12:00

The Guardian: We should all learn to think critically

by Mumvy
Re: the Dave Weale incident. I have been thinking that Dave Weale would have deserved a weekend in the stocks instead of being made to drink the hemlock.

27 February 2006 12:00

Robert Paterson's Weblog

by Mumvy
Is this quality? Is this worth the money? Is any learning going on? Is this where UPEI is going? comments: Free David Weale

by Mumvy
UPEI missed the boat. Profs cancel classes all the time or they have students teach their classes and nobody says nothing. Like the student said in the Guardian, theres only a handful of UPEI profs who can really teach but no one talks about that. Its jus

26 February 2006 20:00

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