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by night.kame

What people don’t do is leave it there, undecided. But they do about e-mail. They also do it by paper. That’s why most people are highly voice-addicted, and most cultures are voice-addicted. That’s why interruptitis is so huge out there, because if you have something you consider timely and meaningful that somebody needs to know and hear, you’ve got to deliver it to them by some sort of auditory means, because that’s the only thing they’re processing.

Well, I just go, “Duh! Somebody give me the rationale for this.” And there is none. E-mail wouldn’t be a problem if it blew up like your answering machine did once you got more than a screen full.


The Ultimate Getting Things Done (GTD) Index

by gtdfrk
One page with all the (new) items from very many GTD blogs. Keep track of GTD news, software, tips & tricks, etc.



by Todd V
Simple, Reliable Workflow on a Mac. A set of applescripts that comprehensively integrates all of one's files and programs into David Allen's GTD workflow.

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